The NS350 v32/v33 series ICs are a new generation of Trusted Cryptography Module 2.0 (TCM 2.0) security ICs with high-security, high performance, and cost-effective. The NS350 ICs are designed based on the 40nm process, which have significantly improved technical performance and security. 

It supports I2C and SPI interfaces, and is available in QFN32 and QFN16 packages, which comply with the requirements of China's new generation TCM 2.0 trusted cryptography module standard. It is also compatible with the TPM 2.0 international trusted computing standard application (TPM 2.0 Spec 1.59). It supports active measurement functions (hashing and signature verification) for multiple devices, and is compatible with general operating systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD UNIX. It is suitable for PCs, server platforms, and embedded systems.

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