Based on the traditional dual-chip OBU, the single-chip OBU simplifies hardware resources and uses the 5.8G + MCU + ESAM mode to complete the functions of the single-chip OBU. The solution uses the 7816 interface to connect the ESAM module that supports the national cryptographic algorithm with MCU. MCU analyzes the 5.8G signal and distributes the corresponding instructions to the ESAM through the SPI interface and realizes completed transaction process of the lane system.


System features and advantages

—ESAM security module: Using SM4 national cryptographic algorithm to encrypt vehicle information and complete two-way authentication with RSU

—MCU:Using our low-power consumption MCU to complete ESAM data interaction and 5.8G signal analysis. It fully meets the requirements of single-chip OBU for power consumption.

—Self-developed COS: Implement the functions such as file creation, data writing / reading, data encryption protection, and contact media communication.
— Complied with the relevant technical requirements of the Ministry of Communications on single-chip OBU electronic Labels.


Technical support