The Security Authentication Service Platform uses the unique serial number of each security chip (hardware SN) as the unique ID to identify an IoT devices, and provides identity authentication, data encryption and relevant security protection based on symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms. The platform consists of a security chip production system, a TSM system, a device ID system, a key management system, a security communication system, a device identity authentication system, a SE-SDK, an application SDK and a developer platform. Users can connect their devices and business to the platform by using the SE-SKD and application SDK.


System features and advantages

Devices carry chips with financial-grade security (NS-SE) to execute high security protection.

Flexible and convenient connectivity to the platform. The security cloud provides a SDK, the business cloud provides an application SDK and the device provides the compiling environment and SE-SDK.

Supports symmetric and asymmetric authentication mechanisms, as well as domestic and international algorithms, which can be selected on demand.

Provides additional functions such as key data storage and copyright protection to reduce the hardware cost.

Provides device identity authentication service and issues device authentication certificates.

Technical support