Nations Technologies Inc.


Focused on development of core technologies like information security, SoC and wireless RF, Nations Technologies possesses the whole-process design and production technology for ICs and has accumulated technological advantages in many fields such as online information security, general MCU, AI and trusted computing.

Cipher and IC Security

With advanced core technologies in IC security and a security defense lab, as well as a professional IC and IoT security defense platform, the company is a leader among Chinese peers in terms of scale, professional structure, talent pool and research capacity, and is gradually catching up with international advanced levels.

General and Security SoC

Using world-class high security defense design, National Technologies has produced a leading SoC security architecture and prototype verification solution and established a complete basic environment with all necessary software and hardware as well as an efficient general SoC design process.

Low Power Consumption and Wireless RF

As one of the few companies to have mastered RF component modeling technology, Nations Technologies has secured a high-ranking in the world in terms of low power consumption RF technology. The low power consumption Bluetooth technology has been used in mainstream products across the world.


Nations Technologies is consistently increasing its investment in multi-IC packaging and engineering testing directions. It has established a 500m2 IC engineering lab to ensure the quality of ICs delivered to customers.

Company History
  • Excellent market performance product award
    2021 year

    MCUs won the 16th China IC excellent market performance product award

  • The Gold Award of CITE Expo
    2020 year

    MCUs won the gold award of the 8th CITE Expo
    N32S032 has passed the security certification of CNITSEC EAL5+

  • New MCUs Release
    2019 year

    Announcing more 30 models in five series, which feature low power consumption, high performance, high security & high reliability.

  • To have passed core-high-basic product check
    2018 year

    First enterprise to have passed core-high-basic product check for "Development and Industrialization of SoC IC for Double Interface Financial Card".

  • China Patent Gold Award
    2017 year

    Using RCC Core patent has won China's Patent Gold Award.

  • RCC National Standard
    2017 year

    As the main force based on 2.45GHz and Domestic Cryptographic Algorithms Range Controlled Communication has officially become the national standard of mobile payment. 

  • TPM2.0 International Standard
    2015 year

    The TPM2.0 standard, which supports the commercial cryptographic algorithm system, has formally become the ISO/IEC standard with the successful promotion of the formulation of the TPM2.0 standard by the Nations.

  • Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Cipher Chip Attack and Defense
    2013 year

    The first independent security chip attack and Defense Technology Laboratory in China was identified as Shenzhen Key Enterprise Laboratory by Shenzhen Science and Technology Creation Commission in 2013.

  • Shenzhen Commercial Cipher Industry Association
    2013 year

    Under the guidance of Shenzhen Cipher Bureau, the first National Association of commercial cipher industry was founded.

  • GEM Listing
    2010 year

    Shenchuang board listing, stock code 300077, Deputy Chairman member unit of China Association for Public Companies.

  • Key Enterprises of Commercial Cryptography
    2001 year

    The earliest batch of core fixed-point units of commercial cryptography in China.

  • Company Establishment
    2000 year
    Established in 2000, it is one of the integrated circuit design enterprises undertaking the national "909" special project of very large scale integrated circuit.